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The World's First International Standard in the Field of IoTFin Released

  • GEI
  • 2021-02-25

    International Standardization Organization(ISO) officially released the international IoTFin standard Internet of Things(IoT) – System Requirements of IoT/SN Technology-based Integrated Platform for Chattel Asset Monitoring Supporting Financial Services. This is the world's first international standard in the field of IoTFin formulated by Chinese experts as chief editors. This international standard is applicable to the design and development of IoT/SN for chattel asset monitoring services, which stipulates the system requirements of IoT/SN technology-based integrated platform for chattel asset monitoring supporting financial services. This international standard is able to monitor the whole process of chattel mortgage, which represents a brand-new application of Internet of Things technology in chattel asset monitoring services. It plays an important role in improving the monitoring efficiency and reducing the monitoring cost, and also provides reference for relevant standards in other industry.