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Conference of China's high growth enterprises

  • GEI
  • 2021-04-26

On April 26th, the conference of China's high growth enterprises, jointly hosted by Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau and Great Wall Strategy Consultants, successfully held in Tianjin. More than 300 people, including leaders of Tianjin municipal government and districts, Unicorn entrepreneurs, Tianjin gazelle and eagle entrepreneurs, representatives of financial and investment institutions, experts and media journalists, gathered in Tianjin for this grand event.   

Wang Weidong, deputy Mayor of Tianjin, attended the press conference and delivered a speech. Wu Wensheng, general manager of Great Wall Strategy Consultants, released the "China Unicorn Enterprise Research Report 2021". Wang Runtian, general manager of Tianjin Science and Technology Financing Holding Group Company, released the "Tianjin Eagle and Gazelle Enterprise Research Report 2021".

The conference spot

Unicorn entrepreneur moviebook founder Ji Xiaochen, E signed bao founder Jin Hongzhou, peanut good car Chairman Chen Pengyun, Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise Deep blue chairman Wei Jiancang did the topic shares on the enterprise growth experience, the latest insight into the industry and other topics. Great Wall Strategy Consultants chairman Wang Delu made a keynote speech and offered suggestions for the development of Tianjin. 

Wang Fenyu, vice general manager of Great Wall Strategy Consultants presided over a high-end dialogue entitled "Data-driven intelligent Technology innovation and development", and had in-depth exchanges with Xu Guangbin, founder of Chinac, Shi Wenjin, chairman of Wellong Etown, Chang Lin, CEO of Leju Robot, and Guo Yongguang, president of Tgood, on intelligent technology and digital drive. Yang Yuecheng, senior partner of Shengjing Technology Co.,Ltd, hosted a high-end dialogue entitled "New scene and consumption Upgrade". Wang Yang, CEO of Newlink Group, Hu Wenqiang, president of Ruipai Pet, Qi Bin, founder of Honey Ameng, Yan Jun, chairman of AIpark, and others had in-depth discussions on scene innovation and new consumption.

This is the second time that the conference of China's high-growth enterprises has been held in Tianjin. This conference showcases the role of high-growth enterprises in the high-quality development of the regional economy and in promoting the replacement of old growth drivers, and reveals a new direction for the development of the new economy.