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Great Wall Business School and PionierGarage Incubator of Germany’s KIT held a college student entrepreneurship exchange salon

  • GEI
  • 2021-07-28

At 4pm Beijing time on July 28, 2021, The Community of International Science and Industry Parks (CISIP), Great Wall Business School (GWBS) and PionierGarage, KIT incubator, jointly held an online student entrepreneurship exchange salon.

The meeting started on time

The activity was hosted by Zhang Jizhe(International business Department of Great Wall Strategy Consultants). 29 students from Great Wall Business School and 12 students from KIT participated the activity. The Chinese students shared two entrepreneurial projects, "Quan Yu Cultural Innovation" and "Yu Chu Hand-made", while the German students shared the "HAYV Neurocentric Training"  and "Model United Nations" these two projects. A heated discussion took place after their sharings.

Zeng haihang, student from Great Wall Business School, showed his "Quanyu Cultural innovation" entrepreneurial project of ancient coin, which was launched in 2020. He promoted the ancient coin culture by centering on the transaction of ancient coins, cleaning and restoration, research, cultural innovation& information query and appreciation. After his sharing, students from both sides discussed the source of ancient coins, the uniqueness of products and the direction of the internationalization of ancient coin culture.

Zeng Haihang shares his entrepreneurial project

German student Marius Kräme presented the health project “HAYV Neurocentric Training”, which aims to relieve daily pain through nerve trainings. With app as the carrier, HAYV uses the treatment of migraine nerve training as a highlight to enter the market. During the exchange part, Chinese and German students discussed the marketization and sustainable profit of the product.

Marius Kräme shares his entrepreneurial project

Student Li Miaomiao of Great Wall Business School shared her entrepreneurial project --- Yuchu Handmade, original intangible cultural heritage and ancient handmade products, which has accumulated a certain number of fans on various platforms by promoting national customs and inheriting the traditional culture of intangible cultural heritage. Students from both countries made suggestions on how to scale the project.

Li Miaomiao shares her entrepreneurial project

Students communicated enthusiastically, Germany temporarily added a new entrepreneurship project demonstration, Model United Nations project. A discussion about how their Model United Nations could enter China happened therewith.

The additional project shared by German side

German entrepreneurship tutor Tobias Budig put forward his opinions on the entrepreneurial project of Zeng Haihang, thinking that the internationalization of the ancient coins entrepreneurial project should pay attention to the cultural concept behind the ancient coins. In view of Li Miaomiao's “Yuchu Handmade”, Tobias believes that to solve the bottleneck of scale in the industry, we can expand the source of handmade producers from rural areas and gradually achieve scale.  Yu Jianfang, entrepreneurship tutor from GWBS, answered the questions about the “HAYV Neurocentric training” health project. She thought that the project should explain more clearly the concept and principle of their project and apply for the relevant permission from the Health Commission and other departments when the project goes into China. As for the “Model United Nations” project, Yu said that in addition to some social platforms proposed by students, the entrepreneurs can also open the Chinese market through some popular forms like debate variety shows.

Tutor Tobias Budig is commenting

Tutor Yu Jianhua is commenting

At the end, Zhang Yaru, operation director of GWBS, proposed to the German entrepreneurs that such activities should be held on a regular basis to promote the communication between the two countries' student entrepreneurs. Students from KIT Incubator PionierGarage are invited to actively participate in the international entrepreneurship activities in China through Great Wall Business School.

The participants enthusiastically discussed the project