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The Global Digital Economy Summit for Small and Medium Enterprises 2021 Parallel Session (Online)

  • GEI
  • 2021-07-20

On July 20, 2021, Beijing time, the sub-forum of 2021 GLOBAL SME Forum of China Association for Science and Technology, hosted by China Association for Science and Technology and organized by Beijing Great Wall Enterprise Strategy Institute, was successfully held on the online video conference platform. More than 30 guests and audiences from home and abroad participated in the forum.

The conference began

At the beginning of the conference, Beijing Great Wall Enterprise Strategy Institute released the 2021 Global Digital Economy Unicorn Report, which gave an overview of the current digital economy unicorn industry. Subsequently, five representatives from digital economy research institutes, incubators and SMEs service institutions at home and abroad shared the status quo and challenges of SMEs leading new industrial forms in the digital economy. 

JF Gauthier, CEO of Startup Genome Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute, shared with the participants his observations on the development of the European digital economy and analysis of future trends. Yusef Muhammad, CEO of Business Television Networks inc., and southwest vice president of SCORE, an advisory group to the National Small business Association, gave attendees an overview of SMEs in the U.S. digital economy. Vijay Kant Mishra, Chairman of China Technology Transfer Center in India and Executive Vice Chairman of China Trade Center in India, shared with the guests the rise of India's digital economy and the opportunities and challenges for related SMEs. Then, Supakorn Siddhicha, executive Vice Chairman of Thailand's National Digital Economy Development Agency, presented the digital economy strategy of Thailand and related SME development cases to the participants. Finally, Vinicius Oliveira, co-founder of Foreseekers Brazil-China Digital Economy Innovation company, shared the experience of SMEs in China's digital economy growth model.

JF Gauthier was sharing

Yusef Muhammad was sharing

Vijay Kant Mishra was sharing

Supakorn Siddhicha was sharing

Vinicius Oliveira was sharing

Guests sharing session ends, the guests had a discussion based on the topic “the digital economy SMEs how to develop international cooperation and coordination to promote industrial development ". In active heated discussion atmosphere, the parties jointly think about the future trend of the digital economic pillar industry change, and respectively put forward the problems that may be encountered in the process. 

With the active participation of all parties, the 2021 online sub-forum of the China Association for Science and Technology global SME Forum was successfully concluded, realizing the dialogue among the global digital economy ecological co-builders in the face of the epidemic, and helping the ecological players of the digital economy continue to embrace new opportunities and lead the development of new forms of industry in the challenges ahead.