Belt & Road Science Park Development Report

In 2019, GEI launched the research and compilation of the B&R Science Park Development Report , aiming to systematically comb the development history and knowledge system of global and Chinese science parks, displaying an overall look of B&R science parks through quantitative analysis, and putting forward a vision for the future development of global science parks and the suggestion to promote international practical cooperation. The 2019 report has been released in October 2019 during the Zhongguancun Forum. 

  Belt & Road Science Park Development Report 2019 

China Unicorn Report

Since 2016, GEI has been following the grwoth of China's unicorn companies which are the most outstanding examples of the new economy. Every year we release an issue of China Unicorn Report which by now has become the best-known research product of its kind in the country. According to the 2018 report, there are 202 Unicorns in total, spreading in 22 industries and 25 cities, 32.2% of these corporations are in advanced technology industry. These 202 unicorns worth 7446 billion USD in total, and most of them were funded in 2015. 

  China Unicorn Report 2018 (Ranking List Only)