Enterprise Research Report

Since 1993, been researched and developed by GEI, with the direction of strategy, with the main contents of regional innovation, enterprise development, enterprise strategy & management and information management, published monthly and with one topic each issue, and has been published over 300 issues.

  • High-end link with Silicon Valley, Israel and Z-park
  • Benchmarking Research of Private Universities in the U.S.
  • Global Resource Map ofGreen Innovation
  • The Globalization of Innovation
  • Benchmarking Research of Transnational Technology Transfer
  • The Map of Global Connectivity & Innovation
  • Research on Taiwan Industries & Technology Parks

Index of Silicon Valley(2005-2015)

Index of Silicon Valley is published annually globally by Joint Venture:Silicon Valley Network, a non-profit organization which founded in 1992. The reports reflect the overall innovation ability and current development situation of Silicon Valley through a set of indexes.GEI has translated the reports since 2005 under the authorization of Joint Venture:Silicon Valley Network

  • 2014 Index of Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley’s innovation and entrepreneurship leads to the rapid recovery of economy
  • 2013 Index of Silicon Valley: The steady employment rate leads to new round of prosperity of Silicon Valley
  • 2012 Index of Silicon Valley: The main fields in Silicon Valley is coming back steadily

Social Network between Silicon Valley and Zhongguancun

Social Network between Silicon Valley & Zhongguancun is officially published by Tsinghua University Press on May 3, 2012.The authors of this book, the president of GEI, WANG Delu and Distinguished Consultant ZHAO Mulan tell and analyze serval cross-border entrepreneurship stories between Silicon Valley and Zhongguancun, explore the regional radiation mode of four famous global innovation and entrepreneurship clusters, and also reveal the secret of the rising of innovation and entrepreneurship clusters is to build personal connections with Silicon Valley.The U.S. famous scholar Prof. Richard P. Suttmeier wrote a preface for the book. Entrepreneurs and economists like LIU Chuanzhi, HU Zhaoguang, XU Chenggang and etc. wrote review for this book.

  • Social Network between Silicon Valley & Zhongguancun: reveal the remarkable secret of the phenomenon of Zhongguancun