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The third stage of theoretical lectures in the 2021 “Belt and Road” Science Park Construction Management International Training Course ends

  • GEI
  • 2021-04-30

The "Belt and Road" Science and Technology Park International Workshop, hosted by Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology, and organized by Greatwall Enterprise Institute (GEI), held its second stage online theoretical teaching from 26 April 2021 to 30 April 2021. During the period, Frontline managers of Science and technology parks in China, business schools of entrepreneurship education, potential unicorns and other technology innovation carriers were introduced online and their operating experience was shared. Meanwhile, participants of the workshop made country-specific reports and interacted online with China's science and technology innovation resources. The report includes domestic science and technology innovation system, introduction of science and technology parks, key development industries and planning, cooperation and docking needs, etc.

1.On the afternoon of April 26, the representative of Jumbo Property Management introduced the development background of China's industrial parks and the main measures to help the government build high quality value-added industrial communities, and shared the successful operation cases of the industrial parks. Then, fei-yan Chen,head of education consulting of GEI(Greatwall Enterprise Institute), vice President of the GWBS(Great Wall Business School )introduced the basic situation of the GWBS education practice and innovation, dean Chen focus on the Great Wall course features and the base platform, and welcomed everyone took an active part in the featured entrepreneurship courses.

Representative of Jumbo Property Management

Head of education consulting of GEI(Greatwall Enterprise Institute), vice President of the GWBS(Great Wall Business School )Chen Feiyan was introducing

2.In the afternoon of April 27, the person in charge of Yeahmobi introduced how to build an Internet company with closed-loop ecological chain of mobile terminal marketing driven by technology innovation to the participants of the workshop. At the same time, she shared the cases of providing international solutions for enterprises in Thailand and other countries, which left a deep impression on the students of all countries. Then the head of EVYD introduced the self-developed "intelligent medical Data Platform", which has realized the in-depth processing and analysis of large-scale multi-source and heterogeneous medical data, helped patients realize intelligent disease management, led the innovation of big health and artificial intelligence industry, and realized the new ecology of data intelligent and green medical treatment. 

Responsible of Yeahmobi was introducing

Head of EVYD was sharing

3.On the afternoon of April 28, the head of Neolithic made an overall introduction and operation sharing on the current situation of the company, focusing on the main operation mode and construction process sharing, and finally shared the application scenarios and development space of future unmanned vehicles. Afterwards, the person in charge of Ucloud Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the current situation of cloud service computing in China and shared the comprehensive industry solutions that cloud services can provide.

Head of Neolithic

Responsible of of Ucloud Technology Co., Ltd was introducing

4.On the afternoon of April 29 and 30, exhibitions and exchanges of national and international organization of the "Belt and Road" Science and Technology Park International Workshop were officially held. During the meeting, the representatives and spokesmen of various countries introduced the situation of science and technology parks in each country, including the registered capital, the size of the area and the current situation of settling in the parks. At the same time, they introduced the key development direction of the parks and relevant policies on settling in the parks. Afterwards, the director made a speech and pointed out the consensus of all countries to build a scientific and technological highland, and proposed the new goals of the new economic development in the post-epidemic era, introduced the 28 years' experience of the Great Wall in the field of science and technology park development, and then gave the possible direction of future cooperation with participants from all countries.

The representatives and spokesmen of various countries were sharing