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The “Belt and Road” Science park International Cooperation Seminar was held in Greatwall Strategy Consultants

  • GEI
  • 2021-09-30

On the morning of September 17th, the "Belt and Road Science Park International Cooperation Seminar" was held in the First Conference room of GreatWall Strategy Consultants. The experts and leaders attending the meeting are Zhang Jing’an , Executive Vice President of China Science Center of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences; Hu Zhijian, President of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy; Gu Yanfeng, deputy director of China International Science and Technology Exchange Center; Yang Yuecheng, Chief Strategy Consultant of ShengJing360.com; Xiao Wei, Second researcher of Asian-African Division, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology; Xu Guanquan, Deputy Director of International Organization division, International Liaison Department, China Association for Science and Technology, etc. GEI Chairman Wang Delu, Vice General Manager Wang Fenyu, Senior consultant Zhao Mulan, International Business Director Wang Mingyang and colleagues from International department and Enterprise Department attended the meeting.

The meeting was hosted by Vice General Manager of GEI Wang Fenyu. Researchers from the International Department and Enterprise Department reported the construction progress of the Community of International Science and Technology Parks (CISIP), the research plan of Global Science and Technology Park Development Report 2021, the Comparative Study of Chinese and American Unicorn Enterprises 2021, and the practice and thinking of participating in the Cooperation of science and Technology parks along the Belt and Road. During the exchange, experts spoke highly of CISIP's content and construction, and put forward suggestions for CISIP on expanding international influence, serving the international cooperation of  parks and promoting enterprises to expand overseas markets. Experts at the seminar agreed that Sci-Tech industrial parks are important platforms for Belt and Road cooperation, and in the next stage, we should gather resources from all parties, promote practical cooperation with diverse participation, strengthen the leading role of think tanks, and share China's experience in sci-tech park development with the world.

       Chairman of GEI, Wang Delu pointed out in his speech that practice shows that China's science parks have found a successful way, and developing science parks is a secret of success of China's economic growth. As a model for the breeding of new species, unicorns have made remarkable achievements in China's science parks. Mr. Wang thanked the experts for their comments and support. The GEI was approaching its 30th anniversary, after years of exploration and development, GEI has already had a professional team in terms of internationalization, and has accumulated rich experience during its operation, in future, GEI will continue to promote cooperation among belt and Road countries, publicize and disseminate the development model of China's industrial parks, tell China's story as well, and create greater international influence.